Hannahston Woods

Friends of Hannahston Woods needs you


Friends of Hannahston Woods, a subgroup formed under Drongan, Rankinston, and Stair Regeneration Group (DRS) are looking to take ownership of Hannahston woods. We are looking for your opinions and views of the woodland area.

The data collected will help us in the process of purchasing Hannahston Woods and, once purchased, it will be used to improve the woodlands area, so that it can continue to be a lasting legacy for the next generation. 

We agreed within our community-led action plan that our vision is to be an area proud of its identity, that is flourishing and prosperous, where our community aspires to greater things while working together; so please complete the survey below.  Let’s continue to raise the profile of our communities and take ownership of the beautiful woodland area.
To enable us to provide you with the best possible service, the Drongan, Rankinston and Stair Regeneration Group, would be grateful if you would supply the information requested. Please answer as many questions as possible as this will help the DRS Regeneration Group.  The information supplied will be used for planning, statistical and research purposes.

EAC - Vibrant Communities and the Dongan, Rankinston and Stair Regeneration Group will not share any personal information on this form with any outside agency but may share information with other council departments.

Please note the closing date for this survey is Monday 6th July 2020

1. Please provide your information below.


2. Do you agree that Hannahston Woods should be a lasting legacy for the next generation?


3. Do you support the DRS to buy the land and develop the area for the benefit of the local community?


4. It would be helpful if we knew where views are coming from, so we would be grateful if you could tell us the age band you are in. (Please tick the box that applies to you)


5. What do you like about Hannahston Woods? (Please tick all that apply)


6. How often do you visit Hannahston woods? (Please tick which best applies to you)


7. Why do you visit Hannahston Woods? (Please tick all that apply)


8. What improvements would you like to see made to Hannahston Woods? (Please provide details below)


9. Do you agree that Hannahston Woods has been a key environmental asset in the community to promote healthy lifestyles, physically and mentally?


10. Do you agree that Hannahston Woods is a great educational resource for nurseries and schools to support successful learning?


11. Do you want to get involved?