Haslingden 2040 Vision & Masterplan + Deardengate Big Lamp Project


Overview and Pre-survey Questions


The Haslingden Strategic Board, made up of Rossendale Borough Council, business and community stakeholders, has developed the Haslingden 2040 Vision & Masterplan based on over 1,000 previous consultation responses on the future of the town centre. We are now seeking your views on the proposed 2040 Vision and Masterplan at this important time.

The Haslingden 2040 Vision & Masterplan sets out the town centre's regeneration priorities over the next 20 years. The Vision is linked to the transformational Deardengate Big Lamp Project supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. We are seeking feedback on plans and we thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Click HERE to read the Haslingden 2040 Vision & Masterplan.

Please confirm that you have read Haslingden 2040 Vision & Masterplan or have had access to detail regarding plans on the www.haslingden2040.co.uk before proceeding.


To support us in ensuring that views have been considered from the whole community in Haslingden, please complete the following diversity questions before completing the main survey.

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