Picturing the Pandemic: a Survey of Life in Lockdown

Section One: your experience in lockdown

Norwich museums are recording the way in which local people’s home life has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to hear about your experiences. Responses will be used to provide a snapshot of local life during the pandemic for present and future generations. The first part of the survey asks about your experiences and the second about your personal circumstances. There are places to upload photographs, which would help us, but this is not essential.

How has your daily routine changed during the last few months?


How have you changed or adapted your household cleaning or laundry to take account of Covid-19? Have you been quarantining shopping or deliveries when they arrive? Or changing clothes when you come in from work?


How have you been obtaining your groceries/clothing/books or games? (tick all that apply)


Have you made specific purchases relating to medical care/Covid-19 safety during the lockdown? (please list or describe)


Have you learned anything new during this time? (tick all that apply)


What sort of exercise have you been taking? (tick all that apply)


How have you been getting news and finding out about what’s going on?


Please list toys, games, books, films or activities that your family have particularly enjoyed/spent time on.


Have you been making, sewing or creating anything during lockdown? Please tell us about your project.


(Optional) Please attach and send a selfie/photo of you with your work or creation.

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Have you tried out any of the following during lockdown?


How have you kept in touch with friends and family during the lockdown?


Have you adapted a place in your home as a home schoolroom or office?


(Optional) Please attach and send a selfie/photo of you in your workspace/home office (max. 3 images)

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Describe any home or garden improvements you've made during the lockdown?


(Optional) Please attach a selfie/photo of you with your garden/D.I.Y project (max. 3 images)

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Has the way you dress changed during the time you’ve been confined to home? If working from home how have you dressed for online meetings?


(Optional) Please attach and send a selfie/photo of you wearing a typical lockdown outfit (max. 3 images)

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Have there been any positive aspects to spending more time in your home?


If you have provided care for someone in your home during the lockdown, please tell us about your experience.


Have you been helping with home schooling or volunteering from home?


What have been the main challenges of the lockdown for you?


Have you had the support you need during lockdown? Who or what has helped you?