I'm interested in joining the Home Owners Panel

Thanks for your interest in joining the Home Owners Panel (HOP). If you're here because you just want to observe a HOP meeting, let us know here and we'll be in touch to let you know the date of the next meeting.

The role of HOP is to work in partnership with us to shape and improve services for home owners and take part in consultation.

As a HOP member you'd be expected to:
  • Attend four meetings a year online
  • Read any papers before the meeting
  • Participate in meetings by taking part in discussions and giving opinions, comments and suggestions 
  • Occasionally, you might also be asked to compete work or activities outside of the regular meetings (time permitting), e.g. reviewing a document, taking part in a workshop or attending training

If you're interested in joining, please complete this form.

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Do you only want to observe a single meeting at this stage - to see what the group does? If so, let us know here, and we'll be in touch to let you know when you can next come along to a meeting. *


Our main way of telling people about upcoming opportunities, activities and news is via our site called the OAK. Are you happy for us to send you a login for this?