Virtual Event Questionnaire


1. Which virtual support group did you attend?


2. When did you attend the virtual support group?


3. Was the content of the event relevant?


4. Was the content as expected?


5. Would have liked anything else to be included in this event?


6. Did you find the virtual event more convenient than a face to face event?


7. Would you attend a face to face event in preference to a virtual event?


8. Did you find sharing experiences with other people in a similar situation helpful?


9. Did you find the video conference technology easy to access?


10. Were the instructions clear on how to access the video conference technology?


11. Leading up to the event, were you satisfied with information provided about the event content either by email or other?


12. Would you recommend this event to others?


13. If you could choose a specific event to attend please indicate the top 5 (or more) areas of interest to you: