Inclusion and Diversity Fund special call for projects to support the disabled chemistry community.


1. Before you start

This is the application form for the special call for projects to support the disabled chemistry community through the Royal Society of Chemistry Inclusion and Diversity Fund.

If you are looking for the ID Fund application form for all other projects, please find the link on our website.

Before completing your application we recommend you read our eligibility and criteria guidelines on our website and the guidelines that accompany each question. 

Applications focused solely on outreach will not be considered for this fund and should be directed to our Outreach Fund.

Please note that grant applications should be no more than £5,000. Please get in touch with us at to discuss funding greater than £5,000 for large scale projects, or if you have any questions about completing the form.

The application form may take 45 - 60 minutes to complete. You can save a partially completed application form and return to it later. Once you have submitted your application you will not have any further opportunities to amend it. Please note that decision deadlines are detailed on our website.

1. Is your application to the Inclusion and Diversity Fund in response to our special call for projects to improve accessibility and disabled inclusion in chemistry?