IF Oxford 2020 Feedback

All questions in this survey are optional, if you provide answers, your anonymous responses will be combined with other surveys for Festival analysis and development. The IF Oxford data policy is here: www.if-oxford.com/about describing how we digitise, securely store and may analyse your data according to the General Data Protection Regulation. By answering these questions, you give your informed consent for IF Oxford to process your data as described above. If you do not want this, please leave a question unanswered.

1. Name of the event:


2. How long were you at the event?


3. How would you rate the event that you attended?
0 = very bad / 10 = very good


4. How much did you learn at the event?
0 = nothing / 10 = a lot


5. Did you speak to any of the following?
Check all that apply.


6. In total, approximately how many speakers, researchers and volunteers did you talk to?