Activity proposal for IF Oxford 2020


1. Starting your proposal for IF 2020

Before completing your proposal, please refer to the Event Proposal Information and our Data Management (Privacy) PolicyIf you have any further questions, please contact: 
Cathy, Festival Manager or 07566 224 667
Dane, Festival Director
– or 07720 705 312

IF Oxford will extend beyond 16
26 October 2020, working with more cultural and scientific organisations to create an Oxford season of activity from September to November. Depending on COVID-19 situation at the time, it will use dozens of venues, formats and platforms across Oxford. 

The deadline for proposals has been extended to 12-noon on Monday 1 June 2020. You can start completing this form now and by clicking Save and Continue Later, at the bottom of each page, generate a private link to share with your collaborators before submitting your finished proposal to the Festival team. You can save a copy of the completed form when you press submit (or the team can email it to you if needed.)

1. Your contact details

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2. Please outline your area of research / innovation in 100 words or fewer.
Please provide any links to your online media, eg. film / audio clips or to your own website.
Other supporting information can be emailed to


3. Do you, or does your organisation, have financial resources to support our plans of creating a season of scientific and cultural activity?

IF Oxford is is a small independent charity (Registered Charity #1151361) with no government (COVID) or institutional support or endowment, that will commission and coordinate quality events for everyone during September, October and November this year as a response to social and physical isolation?

If you would like to discuss sponsorship, please provide your name and contact details:


4. Tell us about your idea for a Festival exhibit or event *

Have you already developed your idea into a fully-formed activity?
Would you like the Festival Team to help you develop your idea ?
Would you be willing to collaborate with another group?
Are you proposing hands-on activity within a Festival Zone? (Depending on the physical-distancing rules during October 2020, this may be hosted online or in a managed pubic venue.)
Are you proposing a talk, performance, workshop or other stand-alone event?