Young People's Knowledge and Access to Services in Shetland

1. Services Survey for Young People

The Emotional Well-being and Resilience Project aims to give children and young people the relationships and connections they need to build their resilience and emotional well-being by bringing services and community together to address the impacts of childhood adversity/trauma.
The purpose of this survey is to gather information about young people's knowledge and access to services in Shetland.
What do we mean when we say services? Some examples would be your local GP, the school you attend or a third sector service like OPEN Peer Education project. 
This survey should take around 6 minutes, please take your time to think about the questions and answer openly and honestly. 
If you feel affected by any of these questions and would like to discuss anything further please contact us on our Facebook page:
This survey is anonymous which means it will need to be completed in one sitting.
Thank you for taking part.