IRISH INSHORE FISHERIES SECTOR - STRATEGY 2017-2023 Public Consultation June 2018
The Inshore Fisheries Sector represented by the RIFFs and NIFF in conjunction with the relevant authorities and supported by the EMFF is developing a new strategy for the Inshore Fisheries Sector.
There are five sections in this document. Three sections are for INFORMATION ONLY, these are:
1.     Section 1 – About This Consultation Document
2.     Section 2 – Strategy Development
3.     Section 4 – Building the Strategy
Two sections REQUIRE A RESPONSE FROM YOU to the questions provided, these are:
4.     Section 3 – Tell us About You
5.     Section 5 – Give us Your Views
This is your opportunity to ensure the issues which are important to you are included in the development of the strategy.
If you have any queries, require any technical support with the online response, please contact:
Steven Norris
01 526 7440
The closing date for responses is: Friday 17th August 2018 5:30pm
Please note: all consultation responses will be treated confidentially, and no individual responses will be made public.