Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth Action Plan Consultation
Bristol’s inclusive and sustainable economic growth strategy is focused on productivity-driven growth, together with the fair distribution of economic contributions and benefits. It also takes as a guiding principle that economic growth should not come at the expense of environmental and health standards. Accordingly, this strategy concerns itself with economic, social and environmental outcomes.
This Action Plan has been co-produced with a wide range of agencies and organisations across the city, but it will still benefit from further consultation to garner greater engagement and agreement. The aim is for the action plan to provide the framework for delivering the Strategy. There are actions for each of the priorities identified for the strategy’s eight themes, with the following detail attributed to each action
  • Timescale
    • Short-term, 2019-20
    • Medium-term, 2021-2028
    • Longer-term, 2029-2040
  • Responsibility – the lead delivery partner(s)
  • Cost – where possible, an indicative estimate
  • Metric – where feasible, a measure of success 
Evaluation will be important to understand whether these actions, objectives and themes are effective. The What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth suggests:
  • Evaluation, embedded from the start of the policy design process, helps to improve policy design and inform future decision making, by assessing whether policy has the desired impact and is cost-effective
  • Evaluation should be proportionate, and focus on specific programmes and projects where good evaluation is feasible
  • Build in ‘sunset clauses’ and use monitoring and evaluation to make decisions about whether to continue funding the programme or re-design specific elements 
This Action Plan should serve as the starting point for developing and influencing a wide range of projects across Bristol City Council, the City Office and key delivery partners to guide a more focused and collaborative approach to inclusive and sustainable economic growth.