I'd like to be involved in improving how Hyde engages with customers online

We are looking at how we can improve the ways that we engage with, and get feedback from, residents online. There are currently two projects we are working on which are explained in a bit more detail below. If you would like to be involved just tick the boxes and fill in your contact details and we'll be in touch!
For more information you can contact us at customerinvolvement@hyde-housing.co.uk

1. Improving how we collect feedback about grounds maintenance and communal cleaning

One of our contractors, Just Ask, is looking for residents to help develop their online feedback portal. If the project goes well, we may decide to ask all of our estates contractors to have a similar tool. So you don't need to receive Just Ask services to get involved. To take part you would need to:
  • attend a training session on the portal
  • have access to the portal for a week to explore it further
  • take part in a focus group to tell us about your experiences.
The training and focus group will take place online.


2. Improving our customer involvement tools. We will look at things like:
  • what platforms and tools we currently use
  • what is working well, what is not
  • how residents want to engage with us
  • what residents expect when they engage with us online.
For this project we will mainly meet on Zoom, but you may be asked to test some new platforms or tools a bit later down the line.


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