MoJ Dynamic Framework Partner EOI

1. Background


About Ingeus UK

Ingeus UK, part of the global APM Group, is a leading provider of human services. Our mission is to enable better lives.

In the UK we deliver justice, employability, health and youth services. Our justice services include two Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) – Staffordshire and West Midlands (SWM) and Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland (DLNR), through which we deliver high quality probation services both in the community and prisons to a caseload of more than 20,000 Service Users at any one time. Additionally, our HMPPS CFO3 services provide interventions to those with multiple complex needs to help move them towards employment and to access other services both in preparation for, and after release, from prison.

Partnership Approach

Strong partnerships underpin our services. Ingeus UK was rated Excellent by the Merlin Standard for supply chain management in 2020. Our commitment to act with honesty and integrity is demonstrated in our proven track record working with a wide range of organisations to support and develop high quality services for our customers.

Ingeus are looking to build partnerships with experienced organisations in providing high-quality rehabilitation and resettlement support to service users.  We are looking to work with organisations that are able to deliver services, or provide a speciality to enhance our delivery offer. We are keen to build robust partnerships with a range of organisations of all sizes, to work collaboratively as part of a wider network.

Further guidance on this opportunity and additional details on completing this Expression of Interest form, can be found here.

Should you require any support, please email 
Programme Aims

Ingeus is applying for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Dynamic Framework to deliver rehabilitation and resettlement services across multiple Lots and geographical locations.  We are looking to deliver services with specialist partner organisations who can deliver localised and tailored services to achieve tangible and positive outcomes in the lives of service users.  

Delivery will commence from June 2021 for 'Day One' services.

The Opportunity

The initial call-off phrase will commence in early September 2020 and is scheduled to complete in early December 2020 (subject to MoJ timetable). Phase one will be rolling mini competitions for the delivery of Day One services to commence from the outset of the new probation arrangements in June 2021. Day One services comprise Education, Training and Employment (ETE), Accommodation services, and Personal Wellbeing service categories for male Service Users. The Personal Wellbeing service category itself aggregates four sub-categories. These are:
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Social Inclusion
  • Family and Significant Others
  • Lifestyle and Associates
There will also be a Day One cohort category for Women's services which will comprise all the above service categories plus Dependency and Recovery, and Finance, Benefit and Debt (FBD). Similarly, the Day One Young Adult Cohort will cover the same service categories as the Women’s Cohort but at this stage for Wales only.

We anticipate that there will be further service categories for call off for ‘Day Two’ services (including BAME cohort, and FBD, Dependency and Recovery, Cognitive and Behavioural Change, and Service User Involvement). However, at this stage there is no timetable or Lot information available from MoJ for these services. Our initial focus will be on Day One services.

Submission deadlines

Whilst this opportunity and EOI will remain open, if you are interested in partnering for specific Day One opportunities, please ensure your return is submitted by the following deadlines:
  • Education, Training and Employment (ETE) - Wednesday 19th August 2020
  • Accommodation - Wednesday 19th August 2020
  • Young Adults Cohort in Wales - Friday 4th September 2020
  • Personal Wellbeing - Friday 4th September 2020
  • Women's Cohort Services - Friday 4th September 2020
We will update this EOI and our website with further information on Day Two services once the timetable becomes available from the MoJ.