IoL Member Survey - Review of the Gambling Act 2005 (Jan 2021)


1. Introduction
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The Culture Secretary has launched a wide ranging review of the current gambling legislation to consider online stake and spend limits, advertising and marketing rules and the powers of the Gambling Commission.

Objectives of the Review
The review of the Gambling Act (2005) is intended to ensure our regulatory framework can protect children and vulnerable people, prevent gambling related crime, and keep gambling fair and open in the digital age. Through this Review, the government’s objectives are to:
  • Examine whether changes are needed to the system of gambling regulation in Great Britain to reflect changes to the gambling landscape since 2005, particularly due to technological advances
  • Ensure there is an appropriate balance between consumer freedoms and choice on the one hand, and prevention of harm to vulnerable groups and wider communities on the other
  • Make sure customers are suitably protected whenever and wherever they are gambling, and that there is an equitable approach to the regulation of the online and the land based industries.

The call for evidence, can be viewed online.  Please ensure that you refer to the call for evidence for the detail against each question.
Please ensure that you finish the survey and submit it as otherwise we will not receive your comments

This survey  will close on Friday 19th March to allow the IoL to formulate its response.

Your views are important to us, and we will use the survey report in formulating the IoL response.  We will not share your contact details without your prior permission, but please note that the detail within your responses may be shared.

There are 45 questions within the survey which mirror the questions in the call for evidence.  You do not have to answer every question - please feel free to focus on those questions which you consider most relevant to your work / knowledge.