1. Are you providing your own response or responding on behalf of an organisation/group?


2. If you are responding as an individual, please provide the age group you belong to.


3. Please provide your postcode.


4. Do you support the Isham Bypass Scheme progressing?


5. What is your main interest in the scheme? (Tick all that apply)


6. On average, how often do you travel on the A509 through Isham?


7. What are the most important issues for you regarding the bypass scheme? (Please tick)

Not at all importantNot so importantSomewhat importantVery importantExtremely important
Reducing congestion in Isham
Improving road safety
Managing future traffic growth
Improving journey times
Active transport provisions
Scheme progress/timings
Noise from bypass
Vehicle pollution from bypass
Heritage impacts of scheme
Wildlife impacts of scheme
Vegetation loss
Carbon emission impacts

8. Accommodation bridges (a bridge that preserves a pre-existing road or path access), an underpass and a dedicated overbridge have been provided where the bypass will meet existing Public Rights of Way (PRoW) to support Non-Motorised Users (NMU) and these are featured in the scheme layout map.

Do you have any suggestions or feedback regarding these PRoW facilities proposed for the bypass?


9. Active travel (cycling, walking, e-scooters etc) provisions are proposed to be installed on the existing A509 from Station Road to the Wellingborough Golf Club once the bypass is built.

Do you support future active transport infrastructure along the existing A509 route once the bypass is built?


10. To what extent would you support or oppose the following potential features to improve the A509 for active transport users?

Strongly supportSlightly supportNeither support or opposeSlightly opposeStrongly oppose
Dedicated cycle lane/s
Shared use pedestrian and bike path
Traffic calming (speed bumps, chicanes, road markings etc)
Speed limit reductions
Improved street lighting
Signal controlled crossing/s in vicinity of Isham Village?
More on-street parking in vicinity of Isham
Electrical vehicle charging point(s) in vicinity of Isham
Retain the mini-roundabout at the Orlingbury Road junction
Improved traffic signage

11. Do you have any other suggestions or feedback for future potential active transport infrastructure along the A509?


12. What environmental factors are most important to you regarding the bypass?

Not at all importantNot so importantSomewhat importantVery importantExtremely important
Air quality
Archaeology and cultural heritage
Water environment and drainage
Landscape and visual
Geology and soils
Noise and vibration
Population and health
Materials and waste
Cumulative effects (combination of multiple activities that result in environmental impact)

13. Do you have any other environmental concerns or issues that you would like to see considered in the planning for the bypass?


14. Do you have any other feedback regarding the bypass?