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1. Do you feel your service is “at risk” of closing over the next 7 days due to a COVID-19 related reason (e.g. due to staff absences, other staff resources issues, child absences, etc.) *


2. What is the total number of child absences today not related to COVID-19 (e.g. other illness, did not turn up etc.)? *


3. What is the total number of child absences today due to COVID-19 related reasons (e.g. tested positive, developed symptoms, self-isolating, shielding, quarantining)? *


4. What was the total number of children who physically attended your setting today? *


5. Were you physically open to receive children today? *


6. In which local authority do you operate? *


7. What is your setting's Care Inspectorate registration number? *


8. What is your setting's name? *


9. Please enter today's date. *


10. What type of setting do you run (tick the main service that you provide)?


11. What sector is your childcare provider in? *

Thank you for completing this COVID-19 Daily Monitoring Return. 

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If you have any queries with completing this return, please email here.