NHS-R Community Conference 2022: Call for Abstracts

The NHS-R Community is running its fifth annual conference in November 2022.

The main conference is on 16-17 November 2022 (Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham UK). The main conference will be a hybrid event where delegates and speakers can come in person or join on-line. The main conference event will be preceeded by online (only) workshops from 1-10 November 2022.

The aim of the NHS-R Community is to promote the use of R (+ other open source solutions) to health and care. We are looking for abstracts which support this aim. We would like to have a diverse range of speakers from newbies to knowbies covering training, applications (small or large), modelling, automation, personal reflections, strategic/tactical issues etc. 

This year we are also pleased to welcome submissions based on Python. Python presentations are scheduled for a parallel session on the 17 Nov which will be in-person, but at this moment in time because of resource constraints we are unsure if the Python track will also be hybrid - we will clarify this in due course.
  • So please consider presenting at the conference, by completing this form and submitting it to us by Monday 1 August 2022 (5pm).
  • Please fill in one presentation topic per form. If you have more than one presentation topic, then please submit multiple forms.
  • We will review the abstracts and respond back to you by Friday 16-Sep-2022.
We look forward to your submission. Feel free to get in touch via slack if you have any questions or need any advice/help with your submission.

Key dates: 
  • Mon 13 Jun 2022: Call for abstracts opens
  • Mon  1 Aug 2022:  Closing date for abstracts
  • Fri   16 Sep 2022:  Decisions on abstracts announced to submitting authors
  • Mon 17 Oct 2022:  Final submission date for conference slides 
  • Tue 1 Nov - Thu 10 Nov:  Online Workshops
  • Wed & Thu 16-17 Nov 2022: Main NHS-R Conference (hybrid)
  • Thu 17 Nov 2022:  Parallel Python track in-person - hybrid to be confirmed

Professor Mohammed A Mohammed (Principal Consultant at the Strategy Unit), on behalf of the NHS-R Team, Conference Organising Committee and Community.

1. Contact Email-address *


2. Name *


3. Job Title *


4. Organisation *


5. Type of organisation *


6. Where in the UK is your organisation based? *


7. Type of session - please choose one option

Plenary talk (15-20 mins)
Lightning talk (5-10 mins)

8. Are you offering a workshop? *


9. If you are offering an online workshop please complete the grid below

Short workshop (half day)
Full workshop (full day)

10. Title of presentation/workshop *


11. If you have a preferred date for this presentation or workshop please let us know (else leave blank)
  • Online R or Python workshops will be during 1-10 Nov 2022
  • Main NHS-R Conference presentations will be during 16-17 Nov 2022 (hybrid)
  • Parallel Python presentations are scheduled for the 17 Nov and will be in-person - hybrid to be confirmed


12. Abstract:
Please describe the topic that you want to present. (max 250 words)
  • For a lightning talk or a full presentation this could include why you think this was an important problem to tackle using R (or Python), and how you addressed it.
  • For the workshop include the learning objectives plus an outline of what you would cover and how many delegates you can accommodate online.


13. If this talk/workshop or supplementary materials are published anywhere, please share the links with us.


14. Open Source
We expect that after the conference, all materials such as presentations and code will be freely shared. If for any reasons you cannot share your materials, please contact us via nhs.rcommunity@nhs.net and we will try to help you. *


15. Data Collection
Any data/information collected (from you) will be used for the purpose of administration within the NHS-R Community, the Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit and the Strategy Unit and will not be disclosed to any third party, except within the terms of the UK Data Protection Act 2018. It will also be used to support the NHS-R Community's, Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit's and the Strategy Unit's event management, marketing and market research activities. *