Survey for parents in Kent



Kent County Council have asked Hitch Marketing to identify the impact Covid-19 is having on health and wellbeing across our Kent communities. The results will inform our approach to support Kent residents, including our current health and wellbeing campaign for young people.

For this survey we are asking parents of young people aged 10 -16 years in Kent to answer questions about themselves and their children’s health and wellbeing over the last few weeks of lockdown. 

This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. Your answers will support us in understanding the current situation and to make life better for young people in Kent. As a thank you for your time, you have the chance to be entered into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher. 

For all the questions please try to think about your answers in terms of the last few weeks when we have been in Lockdown. Please try to answer as honestly as you can throughout the survey.

*Terms and Conditions
1.The winner will be selected at random and has to be a resident of Kent.
2.The winner can only be chosen from respondents who leave their contact details.
3.The winner will be offered a £50 Amazon voucher.
4.The winner will be chosen when the survey closes, this is currently scheduled for 10th of May, but this might change depending on the number of respondents.

Here at Hitch Marketing Limited we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information for the specific project, unless we ask you otherwise.

What information is being collected?
As part of this study we have asked you for information about your age and the town where you live, and your contact details (optional). Contact details are only collected if you wish to be entered into the prize draw. 

Why is it being collected?
We are collecting this data for a number of reasons. Information about your age and the town where you live is being collected to ensure that we are speaking to the right people for our project criteria. We will also ask you for contact details - this is optional - if you would like to take part in the prize draw and further research on this project. 

Who is collecting it?
Hitch marketing are a social marketing agency currently undertaking a research project about health and wellbeing on behalf of the Kent County Council (
How will it be used?
The data will be used as part of our analysis and to help us shape our health and wellbeing campaign. It will not be shared with any other organisations or 3rd parties.

How long will it be kept?
We will keep your details for 6 months following the completion of the project and will then be destroyed. 

How will it be stored?
Your details will be stored digitally on our password protected server. Any hard copy of data will be kept in a locked filing cabinet when not being used for analysis purposes. It will continue to be stored there for 6 months following the completion of the project. 
Your right to anonymity.
As a participant you have the right to access your data and have to the right to withdraw your consent to be included in the project. You can do this by contacting Hitch at the following address:

Hitch Marketing Limited
Suite E
Candy Park
Old Hall road
CH62 3PE 
Or by email at: 
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