Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) Consultation 2019

Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) Consultation 2019

1. Introduction


1. Introduction

If you would like to view the questions included in this consultation before submitting your response, an export of the questions for reference purposes is available on the Research England website here:  Please return to this online version to submit your response.

Responses to this consultation are invited from any organisation, group or individual with an interest in knowledge exchange.

If you would like to save a copy of your response, please choose 'print response' on the last page of the survey. We regret that we won't be able to accommodate requests to download and send individual responses submitted.

The responses to this consultation will be analysed by Research England, we will consult with the Knowledge Exchange Framework Technical Advisory Group and the Knowledge Exchange Framework Steering Group.

We will commit to read, record and analyse responses to this consultation in a consistent manner. For reasons of practicality, usually a fair and balanced summary of responses rather than the individual responses themselves will inform any decision made. In most cases the merit of the arguments made is likely to be given more weight than the number of times the same point is made. Responses from organisations or representative bodies with high interest in the area under consultation, or likelihood of being affected most by the proposals, are likely to carry more weight than those with little or none.

We will publish an analysis of the consultation responses. We may publish individual responses to the consultation in the summary. Where we have not been able to respond to a significant material issue, we will usually explain the reasons for this.

Additionally, all responses may be disclosed on request, under the terms of the relevant Freedom of Information Acts across the UK. The Acts give a public right of access to any information held by a public authority, in this case UK Research & Innovation. This includes information provided in response to a consultation. We have a responsibility to decide whether any responses, including information about your identity, should be made public or treated as confidential. We can refuse to disclose information only in exceptional circumstances. This means that responses to this consultation are unlikely to be treated as confidential except in very particular circumstances. For further information about the Acts see the Information Commissioner’s Office website, or, in Scotland, the website of the Scottish Information Commissioner

For further information relating to UK Research and Innovation’s Privacy notice, please visit

The deadline for responses to the KEF consultation is midday on Thursday 14 March 2019.

Please direct any queries to Sacha Ayres, Senior Policy Adviser, Knowledge Exchange at or 0117 931 7385. *

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