1. Business & Employment Survey

The DNP Steering Group would like to hear the views of the business community to be able to include them in the Neighbourhood Plan. These views will help to shape the contents of the Neighbourhood Plan and any future development.

Your information will not be shared with any third parties except for the purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP). It will be retained while we are working on the draft NP and any personal details will not appear in the NDP or any report without your consent. Information may be retained beyond this period in order to maintain an audit trail of our activity regarding the NDP – usually for one year or after the NP has been through the Referendum and the Neighbourhood Plan adopted.

1. Business name and address (optional)


2. Type of business


3. Is your business carried out from (please select)


4. Why have you located your business in the Dymock area?


5. What are the positives and negatives about running your business from Dymock?


6. What are the 3 key issues restricting growth?


7. What are the top 3 changes to improve trading?


8. What are your plans and aspirations for the future?


9. How many people do you employ?


10. How long have you operated in the parish?


11. What is the average mileage your employees travel to work?


12. How do your employees mainly travel to work?


13. How do your clients travel to your business?


14. Are the following public services / infrastructure in the Parish adequate for your business?

Mobile phone
Public transport

15. If you have ticked NO to any of the above how does this affect your business?

Check out our survey templates or create your own.