Have Your Say members survey

This survey is to hear from SWBG members about your priorities for public spending in the coming year, as part of the recovery from Covid-19, and how SWBG should be prioritising our calls for action.

Women and men use public services differently – they have different life experiences and face different economic realities and challenges. This survey is to understand your priorities for public spending and where you, or women you work with, face challenge or need to see investment to improve equality across society.

1. What are the kinds issues you would like to see prioritised in public spending announcements?


2. What do you think are the challenges in seeing this happen?


3. What public services would you like to see more investment in? How would this make a difference to your day to day life?


4. What changes in government spending could make a concrete positive change in your life, or the lives of women you work with? For example changes to social security, to tax, the value given to the work you do (paid or unpaid)


5. What do you think is needed for people to better engage with the budget process?


6. What are the key areas you'd like to see SWBG work on in the next 12 months?

Check out our survey templates or create your own.