Once it has been adopted, East Ayrshire Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2)  will represent the Council’s settled view on how East Ayrshire should be developed over the next 10-20 years.

By indicating where development should and should not occur, LDP2 is proactive in supporting the creation of successful places. The plan covers all of the East Ayrshire Council area and sets out the Council’s planning policy framework for all matters.

On 31 March 2022 Council considered and agreed the Proposed LDP2 in line with officer recommendations. It is this proposal which has now been released for public consultation.

The Proposed LDP2 is available for inspection from 23/05/2022 until 22/07/2022. You can read and download LDP2 report and find out more about the process it on the Council’s Development Planning webpage: or view it at public libraries in East Ayrshire during normal opening hours.
This survey and public consultation will close at 4.00pm on 22 July 2022
  • Please use this survey form to make any comments or suggestions (representations)
  • Where it applies, please refer clearly to the document, volume, chapter, subchapter, policy, site reference, paragraph, and/or figure
  • If you wish any changes to be made to the Plan, you should be as specific as possible
  • This is your final opportunity to submit any material unless otherwise requested by the Scottish Government Reporter.

Emails and confidentiality
  • Where possible, you should provide an e-mail address. If you supply your email address, we will assume that this is your preferred means of communication.
  • You should submit  any accompanying information  electronically to localdevelopmentplans@east-ayrshire.gov.uk.
  • Remember to keep a copy of your representation before submitting it to the Council
  • You can make representations on as many issues as you wish, using a separate form for each.
Please note that representations cannot be treated as confidential because the Council will produce a summary of all representations received.


1. Please give us your contact details


2. Upon which document would you like to comment?

Proposed LDP2
Other document related to the plan (please say which)

3. Please give us your representations. Please use a separate question for each point and tell us to which part of the plan you are referring.


4. Do you wish to make further representations on more of the documents?