Share your thoughts on LGBTQ+ services for young people in Wiltshire.

1. Background

Healthwatch Wiltshire is your local health and social care champion. If you use GPs and hospitals, dentists, pharmacies, care homes or other support services, we want to hear about your experiences.

We have the power to make sure NHS leaders and other decision makers listen to local feedback and improve standards of care. We can also help you to find reliable and trustworthy information and advice.

As part of our Young Healthwatch project we want to find out more about health and support services for young LGBTQ+ people in Wiltshire. 

The responses to this survey will be collated and put into a report. All responses will be anonymised and no individuals will be named in the report. The report will be used to help improve services for LGBTQ+ young people.


1. Have you ever needed support, including support for your mental health? *