Healthier Greenwich Alliance recovery and reset plan 2020-21

1. Tell us what you think about the draft Greenwich recovery and reset plan

Thank you for taking this short survey to tell us your thoughts. Please read the executive summary of our draft plan before you complete the questions.

If you have any questions about this survey or about the plan please email 

1. Are the areas included under the recovery plan priorities the right ones? (see page 4 of the executive summary)
Is there anything we’ve missed out or things that you think shouldn’t be there?


2. Page 5 of the executive summary outlines how we plan to deliver services through local neighbourhoods. In your view what would be the best model? Please also let us know if/how you would like to be involved in developing this.


3. A lot of services have been delivered by telephone or online during the last few months. 
What’s your experience and does this affect how you’d like to access some services in future?


4. Are there any areas you’d like to be involved in shaping and if so, how would you like to be involved? (If you would like to be involved please ensure you provide an email address below).


5. We really want to have two-way conversations with Greenwich people. It is how we understand what people need and get an idea of services that will best meet those needs.

If you would like information and to be informed of opportunities to get involved in focus groups, surveys, events and discussions about shaping health services in Greenwich please give us your details below and we'll be in touch.


6. We take our duty to protect your personal information and confidentiality seriously. Information that you provide will not be shared without prior consent. I consent to NHS South East London CCG using my contact details.