Survey for Users of Language & Interpreter Services

Many people need support to communicate with NHS staff, for example if English is not your first language or you need information in audio / Easy read etc. We want to ask some questions about your experiences of interpreters and/or translated information with the NHS in Liverpool and Sefton

The NHS is required to ask about your communication support needs and meet them. In Liverpool and Sefton, we have contracts with various language and interpreter agencies who help us communicate with people. We are reviewing who we will have contracts with and what we will ask them to do to support patients and NHS staff. Your answers will help us to make changes that improve the service. The questions will take 5-10mins to complete and we really appreciate your time and learning about what matters to you.

Confidentiality Statement

Your responses to these questions are anonymous - we don't link this information with any that identifies you. Your data will be treated confidentially and stored in accordance with Data Protection law and NHS Liverpool CCG’s Privacy Notice.

If you would like us to keep in touch with you about this review and other news from the local NHS, please sign up to our mailing list here or call 0151 247 6406 or text 07920 206386.

Click here/the image below for this information in British Sign Language (BSL).

1. Do you need any of the following support to help you with GP appointments / hospital visits / treatment plans, etc? You can tick more than one. *


2. Do you usually need to ask someone to help you make a health appointment, such as a friend or family member or community worker? *


3. Has this changed at all since coronavirus? *


4. Have you ever not sought healthcare because you felt you wouldn’t be understood / you wouldn’t understand? *


5. Does your GP or other health care professional have a record of the support you need so your language / communication needs are automatically met? For example, booking an interpreter, having information in Easy Read, using the telephone, not writing a letter, etc. *


6. Do you find you have to repeat your communication needs when you are in contact with the NHS?


7. Have you ever received a letter / telephone call about healthcare that you couldn’t understand without getting help from someone else? For example, because it wasn’t in the language / format you need? *


8. Do you have experience of trying to get an interpreter for NHS appointments in Liverpool? *


9. What is your experience of getting an interpreter booked to support you with health appointments? *


10. Have you ever had an appointment delayed or cancelled because you couldn’t get an interpreter booked for you? *


11. What is important to you in getting interpreter help? You can tick more than one. *


12. Do you prefer an interpreter: *


13. It is not good practice for family / friends to be asked to act as health care interpreters unless under emergency / exceptional circumstances. In the past people have said they don’t want a spoken language interpreter who is known to them.

Do you have any understanding / experience of this you can share so we can understand this issue more? In particular, does this apply to professional interpreters or only informal interpreters?


14. If you have been in hospital or are ever in hospital in future, would you want a volunteer / trainee interpreter to help you with non-medical needs? This can be checking you have essential supplies, ordering lunch, provide conversation, etc. *


15. We are thinking of splitting the new contract into lots to enable specialist providers to bid for different parts. So for example an organisation that specialises in providing patients with BSL (British Sign Language) support could just bid for the lots that will provide BSL services.

What do you think of this arrangement? *


16. We would like to increase the wider benefits (social value) we gain from this work. Would you support any of the following? (please tick all that apply) *


17. What was your experience of registering with a GP? *


18. Is there anything else you would like to tell us to take into account in language and interpreter services?


19. Where did you find out about this questionnaire?