Lend an Ear Registration Form

Please complete this registration form if you are a Clarion Resident who would benefit from a regular meeting with a befriender volunteer.  It may take a few weeks for us to identify a good match for you and you can withdraw your interest at any stage. The information that you provide to us will be used by Clarion Futures in order to match you to a befriender volunteer and to facilitate the ‘Lend an Ear Programme’.

All our volunteers are either Clarion Housing Group staff or staff working for our partners or contractors and they have been specially trained and CRB checked. Your information will be processed in line with the Clarion Futures Privacy Notice. You can find this online at clarionhg.com but we can also send you a copy of this via email or post if you prefer. 

If you change your mind at any time, and no longer want to take part, just let us know and we will withdraw you from the service.  Please note, if the service has already started, we will keep a log of your participation for our records for a period of 2 years after your involvement. We will also monitor the success of this service by carrying out surveys with our volunteers and participants from time to time. If you would prefer not to take part, just let us know. Clarion Futures - Volunteering Service volunteering@clarionhg.com

1. I confirm I have read the Clarion Futures privacy notice and I consent to my data being used in this way. We require your consent so that we can provide you with access to the Lend an Ear service