Coronavirus Public Survey

“What’s been your experience of using the NHS in Liverpool during coronavirus?”

This survey has been put together to build a picture of how people in Liverpool have felt about getting health care during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, meaning any time from the end of March 2020 to now.

If you, or someone you care for or support, has used NHS services during this time – or tried to use them – we’d really like you to complete this survey. We don’t just want to hear from people who had coronavirus symptoms – you might have needed help for an existing condition, or a new illness, or because you had an accident which caused an injury – all of these experiences are important. You can share feedback about both physical and mental health services.

We’ll use the information we receive to look for ways to improve local NHS services, both now and for the future. We start by asking some questions about you, including whether you have a long-term condition or cancer, so that we can understand if people with different health needs might have had different experiences.

The answers you give will be anonymous – we only ask for a postcode to understand where in Liverpool you live – so please don’t provide any personal information in your response. You can read NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group’s privacy policy here.

We’ll use the feedback we gather, including any comments, to produce a report, which will be shared with those who plan and provide local NHS services. If you have any questions please contact us at, call 0151 247 6409 or text 07920 206386.

Click here/the image below for this information in British Sign Language (BSL).

1. Who are you completing this survey for?

(If you’re supporting someone else to complete this survey, please answer the questions that follow from their perspective) *


2. Were you asked to shield because you were at high risk of coronavirus? You would have been given this information in a letter from your GP or hospital doctor. *


3. Do you have a long term condition (such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, angina, heart failure, or high blood pressure)? *


4. Do you have cancer? *


5. Have you tried to register with a Liverpool GP during the pandemic? *


6. Have you tried to get NHS help or care in Liverpool, including from GP practices, hospitals, community clinics or mental health care, since the end of March 2020?

(Please choose one option and if you would like to tell us about different experiences fill out a separate questionnaire for each) *