Lunar Loans scheme feedback for STFC


1. Data protection and personal data

Please read the following carefully, and when happy please tick the boxes at the bottom.

Completing the feedback is a condition of borrowing the kit. For the first 6 months of this new upgraded kit we are asking more questions to ensure it is working for you. Please allow 15 minutes to complete it. We will give you longer than normal to fill it in, but do ask you please to do so within one month of the loan.

There is an optional set of questions for your participants to complete too. If you have done this, please have those results to hand as you will have a chance to add their responses onto this form. 
Alternatively you can do this 'live' as a show of hands while completing it. 

STFC will use the data you provide on this form to monitor the effectiveness and impact of the lunar and meteorite sample loan scheme and to improve it where necessary. 

We will not use the data provided for any purpose not related to the lunar and meteorite sample loan scheme.

This form is powered by SmartSurvey – a UK based company whose privacy policy can be found here:

All data will be downloaded to STFC’s servers and then deleted by us from SmartSurvey, within two years.  

All personal information from the application form will be deleted from STFC’s servers in three years time.

Data will be stored and used by STFC in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Please tick all boxes to show that you agree with the statements below. If you do not agree with any of these statements then please do not complete this online form, but contact