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Thanks for your interest in SEPnet's Connect Physics Workshops. 

The Workshops are available for anyone to use under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License

Please fill out the following registration form and you will receive the link to download the material. 

We remind users that:

(1) The resources are to be used for non-profit purposes only. 

(2) The SEPnet logos are not to be removed from any of the materials. However you are free to add additional logos. 

(3) To send back a completed reporting spreadsheet at the end of the school year. This is included along with the workshop material. 

For 2018/19 there will no formal evaluation of the workshops and we are only reporting use of the materials beyond SEPnet.  However please check the website for the evaluation carried out over 2017/18 in the South-East of England. 

Your information will be stored on smartsurvey and on the SEPnet Outreach & Public Engagement server. This will only be accessed by the Director of Outreach & Public Engagement or a deputised member of the Outreach & Public Engagement team. Your information will never be shared beyond the SEPnet Outreach & Public Engagement team or beyond this project.

We will only e-mail you:
  1. When there is any updates to the Connect Physics materials.  
  2. A reminder to send back the reporting spreadsheet at the end of the school year and future years.
  3. Additional opportunities to participate in an optional future nation-wide evaluation of Connect Physics. 
  4. With opportunities to join a network to share experiences and additional material developed from Connect Physics. 
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