Data Masterclass for Senior Leaders - expression of interest

The survey will take approximately 4 minutes to complete. You have expressed interest in delivering the Data Masterclass for Senior Leaders in your department/organisation. We'd like to hear more about you and give you a bit of information about it too.

1. Name: *


2. Department: *


3. Email address: *


4. The data Masterclass for Senior Leaders was designed for SCS, however, we are open to departments who have the capacity to run either a separate run (same content) of the Masterclass with their G6 & 7’s [N.B though this will double the time the Masterclass Champion spends managing the course] or have G6 and 7's join the SCS run.

Would you like to make the Masterclass available to: *


5. How many people would you be interested in signing up for the Masterclass? An approximate number is fine.

We would recommend a minimum of 20-25 participants in order to have participants comment and actively engage in the Masterclass *


6. Which other government department, if any, would you like to be paired with for the running of the Masterclass (optional)? *


7. In order to run the course in your department we would need you to have a 'Masterclass Champion' who will commit around 0.1-0.2 FTE to the Masterclass for 3 months. Our previous Masterclass Champions have really enjoyed the role, as they’re able to build great relationships with the SCS of their department they wouldn’t otherwise meet, and are able to materially help them develop potentially impactful data-driven ideas within the department.

The Masterclass Champion would:
o Attend a virtual training and admin induction provided by the Data Science Campus (~ 1 hour).
o ~2-4 hours to advertise the course in your department and induct people onto the course.
o 3 hours per week to enroll learners, facilitate and promote discussion on the course.
o Be the main point of contact for the programme organisers, for future evaluation purposes etc.

Do you have a person available for this?


8. Could you please provide us with the contact email address for your Masterclass Champion?


9. Which approximate dates would you like to run the course? If no preferred date, please leave blank.