Mental Health Services in Wandsworth Survey


1. About this Survey
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We'd like to hear and understand your experiences of mental health services and the mental health system in Wandsworth, and hear any suggestions for how they could be improved. You might be: 

  • a friend, family member or carer of someone accessing mental health services
  • someone who has yet to access mental health support and wants to share any barriers you have faced when trying to get support
  • someone receiving support from one or more mental health services in the borough such as TALK Wandsworth, through a care co-ordinator at the Community Mental Health team (CMHT), or through Mind, to name just a few.
  • someone who has received mental health support in Wandsworth in the past 

This short survey is an opportunity for you to get involved and make a real difference in your community - everything you say will be anonymised, and included in reports which will then be shared with the people designing and delivering these services and used to help make decisions about mental health services.

You will also have the option to provide your contact details at the end of the survey so that we can let you know what happened with your feedback and invite you to future focus groups to discuss and help design mental health services in Wandsworth. Your information will only be used to improve services in Wandsworth and we will not share your contact details with any other third parties outside of Wandsworth Care Alliance. If you are worried about providing contact details on the same form as your feedback, you can also email us your contact details separately at