Westerly Owners Association Calor Gas bottle small cylinders supplies Survey

Marine, inland Waterways, and Camping and Caravanning Calor gas usage Survey.
The WOA welcome all users of small bottles of propane or butane gas to take part in this survey to discover the impact of Calor's withdrawal from sale of smaller sized Gas Cylinders. This also includes the effect on getting the larger 6Kg, 7kg and 13kg Bottles. If you are having difficulties getting supples we want to hear from you.
All responses are anonymous.

Calor gas, Flogas and Campingaz are trademarks of their respective owners.

1. Which of the option below best describes you *


2. Are you a member of any of the clubs or associations below select all that apply. *


3. Are you aware of Calor's decision to cease selling smaller 4.5kg and 3.9kg size Gas bottles *


4. How difficult have you found buying the right size 4.5kg or 3.9kg Calor Gas bottle for your needs in the last two years. *


5. Have you tried to get a 3.9kg Propane or 4.5kg Butane Cylinder from a Calor Main Distributor? *


6. If you can fir a larger 6kg or 7kg or 13kg gas cylinder into your vessel, Narrown Boat Campervan etc. how difficult has it been to obtain one of these larger bottles?


7. Have you tried to get a larger 6kg, 7kg or 13kg Bottle from a Main Calor Distributor


8. Would you like to still be able to purchase the Calor 3.9kg propane or Calor 4.5kg Butane Cylinders for your Vessel or Mobile home or camping needs *


9. Can you easily fit a larger 6kg or 7kg Calor cylinder into your Gas Locker. *


10. If you cannot fit a larger Calor Cylinder how will you obtain LPG for your Boat or van in the absence of Calor Cylinders that fit your boat or Motorhome? *


11. Are you willing to write to the Competition and Markets Authority about  the Calor decision to go to stop selling the bottles sizes you need? *


12. If you are a member of an organisation listed in Question 2 do you also want them to contact the CMA on your behalf? *

If your answer above is very likely, or likely, the information on how to contact the CMA to make a complaint is here

*Please note Refilling Calor Bottles using DIY methods is illegal and extremely hazardous and the sponsors of this survey in no way condone people filling their own bottles. As an alternative we would like to draw your attention to Calor's updated Butane 4.5kg and 3.9kg Propane refill Policy here.
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