Learner Services Feedback Form

This survey asks you a number of questions about the advice & support that you have received from your advisor.  It will take approximately 5- 10 minutes to complete.  Your views are important to us and we will use them to help make improvements to our service.  This questionnaire is anonymous, although you are invited to give us your name and contact details at the end if you wish.  Thank you for your time.

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1. What was the date of your interview? *


2. Which centre did you have your interview? *


3. How did you find out about the Learner Services team? *


4. When booking your appointment, was it easy to do?


5. How long did you wait for an appointment? *


6. When you arrived for your appointment, what was the quality of the service that you received?


7. When you contacted us, what help were you looking for? (Select all that apply) *


8. Did you ask for any information that was not available?


9. Before your interview, did you fully understand what the service could do to help you?


10. Please tell us how the interview helped you (Select all that apply)

YesNoNot sure
It has improved my confidence
I received the information I needed
I received relevant advice
The advice gave me a clearer idea of my goals
I know what support I need
I know how to access the support I need
I have a realistic plan for my future learning

11. Overall, how good or bad do you think the advice service is? *


12. How could we improve the advice service?


13. Have you any other comments about the service you have received, good or bad? Leaving your comments will help us to improve the quality of the service


14. If you wish to leave your contact details for us to respond directly to you, please enter them below