NCA COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Registry

Please help us with research to save lives in the Covid-19 pandemic

Effective vaccines are making a huge difference to people’s lives, protecting our communities from Covid-19 illness. The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (Salford Royal Hospital, the Royal Oldham Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital and Rochdale Infirmary) is part of the international research effort and more than 10,000 people from our local areas have already helped by taking part in studies into vaccines and treatments.

Although we now have effective vaccines, more are still needed for the future so if you have not already had a Covid-19 vaccine and would be interested in helping, please complete this form. We will then contact you by email  if we have a study that may be eligible for. Emails will be sent to you from , so please add us to your email address book. 

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Registering your interest will not affect whether you receive an invite for the national vaccine programme that is currently being rolled out by the NHS.  

The information you provide will be held in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations. Please follow the link for further information

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