NHS Health Checks Feedback

1. Introduction

If you have recently had an NHS Health Check in Suffolk, either at your GP surgery, in a local pharmacy or with One Life Suffolk, we would really appreciate your feedback. This helps us to improve the service. Please fill in this short anonymous survey to let us know your views, which we will keep in confidence. It contains 9 multiple choice questions and there is space at the end for you to add any comments. It should take about 5 minutes to fill in. 

1. Please tell us where you had your NHS Health Check *


2. When did you have your NHS Health Check?


3. Was the NHS Health Check what you expected?


4. Did the person doing your NHS Health Check take the following measurements? (Tick all that apply) *


5. Did the person doing the NHS Health Check ask you about the following? (tick all that apply) *


6. Did the person doing your NHS Health Check explain your Cardiovascular risk score to you? *


7. If you are aged 65 or over - did the person doing your NHS Health Check talk to you about reducing the risk of dementia?


8. Did the NHS Health Check motivate you to make any changes in your life?
If you would like to, please tell us more in the comment box below. *


9. Did the person doing your NHS Health Check refer you to any of the following services, or suggest that you contact them? (tick all that apply)


10. Finally, please use this space to tell us anything else about your experience of the NHS Health Check.

If you would like any more information about living a healthy lifestyle, or support to make changes in your life,
please go to https://onelifesuffolk.co.uk/ or visit your local pharmacy.