Insight Group - Register your interest


Autism Insight Group - Register your interest

You will be sent all the following information again if you are selected so you can refer to it as necessary.
If you have any questions please email
Autistica's Insight Group is...

a group of autistic people and family/ carers, who are interested in influencing research and policy and acting as our consultants into the autism community.

If you have experience of autism, your insights can help improve the research process. Join the Insight group to help ensure that
  • What matters most to you is what gets researched
  • Taking part in research is a positive experience for autistic people
  • Assessments used in research studies are appropriate for autistic people 
Will the role be suitable for you?

The role may be ideal for you if you are
  • an autistic adult
  • a parent or relative of an autistic person
  • a carer of an autistic person
And you are interested in and committed to research which aims to build longer, happier, healthier lives for all autistic people. (Please note, you may fall into more than one of the above categories).

We do require Insight Group members to be able to respond to emails – this will generally be the main way of communicating, unless you specify otherwise.