Pre-application request, including nature and heritage conservation screening


Guidance for customers - please read carefully


The form should take you less than 1 hour to fill in.

With regard to Nature and Heritage Conservation screening, once you have filled in your contact details you will be asked if you only require this screening service.  If so, click 'yes' followed by the 'Next' button  at the bottom of that page and you will be directed to those questions only.

Please have the following information ready:
  • Company details, including applicant's name, address, company number (if applicable) and site address.
  • Any map reference, including any electronic map files.
  • Contact telephone numbers.
  • Any permit numbers associated with your proposal.
  • Pre-application number if you have previously submitted the form and had advice.
  • Invoice details where you want enhanced pre-application.
  • Details of your proposal, including daily and annual quantities.
  • Any documents that you wish to upload, for example a site plan for nature and heritage conservation screening.

The form has web links in it to help you decide the correct route for your proposal.

These links will take you to our GOV.UK pages which are not part of this form.