Keighley Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

What is a neighbourhood plan?
A neighbourhood plan is a plan that can be prepared by local communities through their Town Council to set future land use planning policy for their area. When finalised the plan will become part of the development plan for Bradford.

Does Keighley need a Neighbourhood Plan?
The Town Council consider that the answer is “yes”. Neighbourhood planning provides the Town Council, with your help, to set future planning policy for the Keighley area. This could identify areas for new development and protect things that people consider special, such as green spaces and our historic environment.

What does the Town Council need to do to prepare a neighbourhood plan?
The process for preparing a neighbourhood plan is set by government. It has a number of key stages, numerous opportunities for consultation and concludes with a vote of everyone on the electoral register in Keighley. If a majority of people in Keighley vote “yes” our plan will be approved and help shape the future of the area.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has identified the following key issues to be considered by the Keighley Neighbourhood Plan.

Built Heritage – key features and buildings that are important to the history and architecture of the area that are not protected by listed building status or because they are in a Conservation Area that could be identified for protection in the Keighley Neighbourhood Plan. If you can think of buildings or features to go on such a list, please let us know.

Environment – through the neighbourhood plan we can protect key features of the local environment – such as landscape, wildlife sites and green spaces. What do you think should be protected or improved in the local environment?

Transport and Connections – getting around conveniently and sustainably is a key way to reduce the impact of climate change. Where is sustainable transport good or bad in the Keighley area? How could it be improved and how can we make better connections within Keighley and to other areas?

Employment Opportunities - how can local employment opportunities be widened and increased?

Housing Mix – this issue could look at issues such as house size, house type and house tenure. What is missing from the local housing stock e.g are houses small, or too large, are they of the wrong type?

Keighley Town Centre – town centres are struggling nationally with the threat from online shopping, changing consumer tastes, competition from larger centres and the cost of living crisis to name but a few reasons. How can the neighbourhood plan help to improve the vitality and viability of Keighley town centre?


1. Do you agree that the Town Council have identified the correct Key Issues for the Keighley Neighbourhood Plan


2. If not, what do you think are the planning issues the Keighley Neighbourhood Plan should look at?


3. Are there any significant planning issues in your local area?


4. What parts of the local environment do you think the Keighley Neighbourhood Plan should seek to protect?


5. What areas of the town do you think the Keighley Neighbourhood Plan seek to improve?


6. Is there anything else you would like to add?