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1. June / July 2019
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Dear Neighbour
There has been a lot of discussion recently at national and local levels over how residential streets can be improved for the benefit of those that live in them. This is very pertinent for our neighbourhood as London continues to grow and our streets become busier.
As a result, a group of local families, in conjunction with the local Residents’ Association, wish to investigate how we can make our streets more hospitable for all and an enjoyable place to live, work, shop and play.
At this early stage, we are trying to discover how far residents would be interested in having neighbourhood improvements. If there is a groundswell of interest, we can then develop initiatives to take to borough and London government (i.e. London Assembly and Transport for London) for future funding and implementation. This Exploratory Study is the first part of the process and we hope you will be able to spend a few minutes answering the questions below.
Just to say, this is not a Haringey Council consultation ‘questionnaire’ (or indeed that of any political party) but an opportunity to take a bigger, wider look, at what is achievable if local residents have a say in their future.  

Initially, this study will focus on the relatively self contained streets shown in the map below.
All information and personal data is strictly confidential and any comments are anonymised.  
If you wish to know anything more about this neighbourhood study then you can contact us directly on:
This questionnaire will be available to complete online until 18th July

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