Member Survey July 2020

Newquay BID's current five year term (2016-2021) is due to cease on the 31st March 2021 and we will be heading into the renewal process later this year (with a ballot in December 2020).

Your comments, feedback and ideas will greatly help shape the future plans of the aims, objectives and projects of BID 3 (2021 – 2026) which would commence (following a successful ballot) on 1st April 2021.
It’s important that all businesses and sectors have an opportunity to engage and tell us your thoughts as we cannot do this alone. Businesses are at the heart of what we do so we are here to help and always looking for new, innovative ways to work with and support Newquay and its business economy heading towards the next five years. This is your chance to help shape, form and influence the future of Newquay BID so we appreciate your time in completing this survey.
We understand how busy you all may be during this challenging economic time. This survey should take no longer than 10 minutes and covers a brief review of your thoughts on looking back, looking forward and present day.

There is a short data capture section in which we are asking for updated voter / business details to ensure that all future communications regarding renewal reaches the correct person. All personal data will be stored in line with GDPR compliance and utilised for the renewal process and communications going forward.
Thank you for your time. We look forward to receiving your feedback and are excited to continue to work with you over the coming months.
Newquay BID

Business Support during COVID-19

Q1. Are you satisfied with the support Newquay BID has provided during the crisis?


Q2. Is there anything you would like to see BID action in order to support your business and the town throughout this crisis over the coming weeks and months?


Looking back - 2016 to present day

Q3. What project(s) do you find the most value in or view to be the main benefit to your business during the past five years?


Q4. What project(s) do you find of least benefit?


Q5. Which of the Newquay BID project themes from the current 2016-2021 business plan do you think have been most successful and like to see continue for the next five years? (Tick all that apply)


Looking to the future - 2021 to 2026

Q6. What would you like to see Newquay BID prioritise and focus on for the next five years?


Q7. What is the overall aim and objective that you think Newquay BID should work towards for the next five years?


Q8. Is there anything that you believe we can or should do to assist in future town wide recovery in a post COVID economy?


Q9. Would you be willing to offer some time to work with other businesses and Newquay BID to help shape the next five years aims within the BID business plan? *


Keeping in touch
We want to make sure that communications about renewal reach the correct person and receiving such communications are in your legitimate interest.  Therefore we would appreciate completion of this section. Please be assured that all personal data will be stored in line with GDPR compliance.

Q10. What is your preferred method of contact regarding renewal? (Tick all that apply)


Your Details


To make sure we send all renewal information and documentation to the correct voter at your premises

Will you be the person voting in the Newquay BID ballot? *


If No, please provide the contact details for the person who will vote below:


We understand that this is a very challenging time for business and the economy.  With a future so uncertain, currently this makes planning ahead and visualising the future difficult. However, we are hoping to be able to continue aiding and supporting Newquay and its businesses over the next five years. Would you be supportive of Newquay BID continuing to operate within the town? *

Thank you for your time in completing this survey.  
Stay safe and well.
Newquay BID