The Nook Group Practice Consultation Patient survey
NHS Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) would like to consult with patients and stakeholders on the future of The Nook surgery. The CCG is the organisation responsible for planning and buying healthcare services for the local population. 
In spring 2018 Dr Ahmad resigned as a GP from The Nook surgery in Salendine Nook and Clifton House at Golcar.  As Clifton House was owned by Dr Ahmad it could no longer be used as a GP practice.
To make sure patients still had GP services in the local area, the CCG found someone to provide a temporary GP service for patients until the CCG could find a solution. Oaklands Health Centre took over the service and called it ‘The Nook Group Practice’.
During this time some patients from The Nook Surgery and Clifton House chose to register with other nearby practices after the closure of Clifton House.
The temporary provider, Oaklands Health Centre, already provided services from Slaithwaite Health Centre, and patients of The Nook surgery have been able to use Slaithwaite Health Centre during this time.  
The temporary contract for Oaklands Health Centre which includes the use of Slaithwaite Health Centre will end in March 2020. The CCG now needs to look at future options for patients of The Nook Group practice.
What do we know already know

Earlier this year the CCG asked patients about their experience of using The Nook Group Practice. The CCG received 463 responses to the survey.  The findings have been used to look at future services.  People told us that The Nook surgery;
  • Was in a good central location
  • Access by public transport, and parking facilities were good
  • The surgery had the convenience of a nearby pharmacist
  • The building was clean and felt safe
  • The staff were friendly and helpful
  Those who responded also told us they would like to see improvements to:
  • Booking an appointment
  • The surgery building including décor and more privacy at reception
  • Access for patients who live in Golcar
  • Continuity of care by the same GP
Patients also told us that they want to travel no more than 5 miles to receive a service and that they would like a surgery to remain in the area. Despite being offered a chance to use Slaithwaite Health Centre in the past year, more people prefer to use The Nook surgery because it is closer to their home.
There were also some concerns and questions raised about the amount of new houses planned in the Lindley and Golcar areas and the need for GP services to support this.

The options for a future service
The temporary contract with Oaklands Health Service ends on 31st March 2020 and the CCG now needs to make a decision on future services for patients of The Nook Group practice .
The CCG also has to take into account NHS guidance which sets out 3 possible options for securing GP services for patients in this situation. The guidance options are:
To extend the current contract
To identify a new provider
To disperse patients to other GP practices
We have considered extending the contract with Oaklands Health Centre, but we know that Oaklands Health Centre only agreed to provide the services on a temporary basis and have other commitments that prevent them from providing a quality service to the Nook Group Practice patients. This means the CCG now has only 2 options.  It is these 2 options that the CCG need to consider. The 2 options are set out below in more detail;
Option 1: The CCG will look for someone else to provide GP services (a new service provider). 
The CCG will try to find a GP willing to take on The Nook Group practice. As there are less than 3500 people registered with the practice, this is a small patient list size. The average list size in Greater Huddersfield is 6700 patients.
This means the CCG will try their best to find a new provider and set out what they want a new provider to deliver. If the CCG do find a new provider it could mean changes to the current service, including location. The CCG will need to take this into account if they go with this option.
Option 2: Close The Nook Group Practice and support patients to register with another practice. This option is known as ‘list dispersal.’

If the CCG is unable to find a suitable provider for The Nook Group practice patients, or no providers come forward, the CCG will have no choice but to close the surgery.
Patients will have to register with a local GP practice.  If this happens the CCG will write to all patients to explain what they need to do, including which local GP practices are available. We will support patients to register.
The CCG now need to consult on both options to ensure a decision can be made. The CCG wants to reassure patients that they will continue to receive GP services, whichever option is decided. We would be grateful if you could complete the survey to tell us your views.  The closing date for this survey is Monday 21st October 2019.
What happens after the consultation?
Following the consultation the CCG will use the feedback to help make a final decision on the future of the The Nook Group practice.
The CCG will contact registered patients of The Nook Group Practice in autumn 2019 with the decision and any next steps. Information will be made available on the practice website, in the practice waiting room and a report of findings from the consultation will be published on the CCG website:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your views are important to us.