SCA Community Archives

1. Introduction

The following is a working definition of a community archive. The subject-matter of the collection is a community of people. The classic example is a group of people who live in the same location, but there are ‘communities of interest’ as well, such as people who worked in a certain profession or have a common interest. The process of creating the collection has involved the community. Typically, this means that volunteers have played a key role, sometimes alongside professional archivists.

1. Your details


2. How would you describe your organisation? For instance, are you a registered charity?


3. Would you like to be included on the SCA Digital Map?


4. Is the archive listed or catalogued?


5. What types of materials are kept in your archive? Tick all that apply


6. Do you hold the records of other groups, for example: businesses, societies, individuals, families?


7. Is the archive accessible to researchers?


8. Do you have access to a local support network of community archives?


9. Would you be interested in sharing or lending part of your archive and making it more accessible to others?


Is there anything you could offer to other community archive and heritage groups? (for example, technical knowhow, equipment recommendations, successful project ideas)


10. Do you receive regular support from your local authority, archive or museum?


11. What sort of training or workshops would be useful to your group? Rate from 1-8, with 1 being most important and 8 being least important, your preferences:


12. How would you want to access training and guidance? Tick all that apply


13. How far would you be willing to travel for training? Tick all that apply


14. What challenges do you face in maintaining your community group? Tick all that apply


15. What are your main priorities for the next 2-5 years?


16. What support do you need to help develop and maintain your community archive?


17. Please tell us anything else you think might be helpful or relevant?

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