Diverse Cymru Survey on Poverty and Benefits

1. Introduction

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation definition of poverty: ‘When a person’s resources (mainly their material resources) are not sufficient to meet their minimum needs (including social participation).’

The Welsh Government defines socio-economic disadvantage as living in less favourable social and economic circumstances than others in the same society.

We hear a lot in research, the news and in newspapers about the increased uptake in the use of foodbanks, and people not being able to pay their bills.

We would like to hear from you. How are you coping and what is happening in your life? Maybe you have had to use a foodbank or choose between paying a bill or buying food. Perhaps you have coped but it has been difficult with not enough money coming in. We want to know your experiences and what could make your experiences better.

Do you claim benefits? Has the system been easy to understand? Do you think you have been treated fairly and with compassion? We would like to know about your experiences.

We would like to hear about you about your experiences and solutions in order to pass that on to the people who make decisions about all our lives.

You may not feel that every question applies to you and that is fine. You do not have to answer every question if you do not want to. You can just answer the questions you feel are most related to you and your experiences.

We want to hear from diverse people. By diverse people we mean:
  • Black and Minority Ethnic people
  • Gypsies, Roma and Travellers
  • Disabled people (physical, mobility, sensory, cognitive, and learning impairments, mental ill health and long-term health conditions)
  • Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people
  • Trans and non-binary people
  • Older people
  • Young people
  • People who are pregnant or have recently given birth
  • People with different religions and beliefs and no religion or belief
  • Women, men and intersex people
  • Carers (people who provide unpaid care or support to a friend or family member)
If you would like a printed copy of the document by post or by email, please contact us.
Please contact us if you would like assistance or support to complete this questionnaire. We are happy to read out the questions, explain the questions, or help in any other way we can.

You can contact us by:
Email to research@diverse.cymru
Phone on 029 2036 8888. Please ask for Georgia Marks.
Post to Diverse Cymru,
Alexandra House,
307-315 Cowbridge Road East,
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