End of Season Survey (2019-20)


1. Does the BGA have clearly stated and well communicated aims and objectives?


2. Do you feel the BGA should focus on the marketing of game, our assurance scheme or both?


3. How do you hear about the BGA's progress and activities?


4. Do you think our standards are fit for purpose?


5. Do you believe that the BGA has had a positive impact to date?


6. How do you think we can encourage more shoots to become members of the BGA?


7. What would you like to see as a result of the BGA?


8. We would like to be proactive rather than reactive. Are there any issues and concerns that you foresee in the future or do you have any ideas that you think we could benefit from?


9. What areas do you believe we can improve on and how might we do this?


10. We are keen to listen to constructive feedback to ensure we are on the right track; if you have any additional comments, please tell us below.