We are carrying out engagement on walking, wheeling and cycling improvements to the Old Market Quietway route between St Matthias Park and Lawrence Hill Roundabout.

The aim of this project is to improve the walking, wheeling and cycling facilities, making it easier, safer and more accessible to walk and cycle along the route. This is a key route identified in the adopted policy document ‘the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)’ and the ambition is to improve active travel options to promote healthy and sustainable transport options. By providing high quality infrastructure, it will support our transition where walking and cycling are the preferred choice for shorter trips and to access public transport.  

The key improvements include:
  • Creating a segregated two-way cycle lane
  • Removing on-street parking spaces
  • Improving pedestrian and cycle crossings
  • Improving wayfinding on the route

The route

The route follows on from the existing cycle lane by St Matthias Park, along Braggs Lane to Clarence Road, skirting the south of the Lawrence Hill Roundabout and finishing by the junction of Kingsmarsh Way on Lawrence Hill (A420).

The map shows the section of the Old Market Quietway route where suggested improvements could be made:

Click here to view a larger version of the map above.
The survey

For the purpose of this survey we have divided the route into three sections:
  • Section 1 - St Matthias Park to Trinity Road/West Street junction (along Braggs Lane)
  • Section 2 - Clarence Road
  • Section 3 - Lawrence Hill Roundabout
On the next page you will be asked some brief questions about your travel on this route before focussing on the specific sections.