1. GDPR Statement


1. This form is to be used by organisations to refer their clients to We Are Digital for a training course as part of the We Are Digital - Digital Training Initiatives to improve people’s skills.

We Are Digital are happy to confirm that they will only use this information for the purpose of delivering the above training. We Are Digital will only share your details with the organisation that referred you for the training. No information will be shared for marketing purposes without your consent. 

A full copy of We Are Digital’s Privacy Notice is available at https://www.we-are-digital.co.uk/privacy-notice/. If you wish to remove your consent in the future, please email We Are Digital’s Data Protection Officer - data@we-are-digital.co.uk

As part of completing this form the referring organisation’s representative will confirm that they have consent to supply the personal details and additional information to facilitate the training to We Are Digital. *