Oulton Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Survey 2020


1. Introduction

Thank you to everyone who completed the previous Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire in 2018. This survey builds on the findings of that and asks some more specific questions that will help us to draft the plan. A Neighbourhood Plan is a key planning document produced by residents to influence the future type and location of growth in the parish. The Neighbourhood Plan will ultimately sit alongside East Suffolk's (formerly Waveney's) adopted Local Plan, so its policies will be used, amongst others, to determine planning applications.

Oulton has 1,140 new homes planned over the next 16 years including 800 homes at Woods Meadow which are already being built and 340 new homes planned to be built off Union Lane.

A key focus of our Neighbourhood Plan is to influence this housing development to ensure it best meets the needs of our community, but also to protect remaining green space and other assets that are particularly special to the community from being negatively affected by future development. 

Participation in the survey is totally voluntary but, if you decide to take part, your time is very much appreciated. All responses will be treated as anonymous and you are not required to provide your name or contact details. By completing the survey, you consent to allowing your responses to be used by the Neighbourhood Planning project. All information will be stored securely on UK-based servers, compliant with GDPR rules.

If you would like to find out more about development of the Neighbourhood Plan, or would like to get involved please contact Carla Petersen on 01502 730166 or clerkoultonparishsuffolk@hotmail.co.uk