Neurodivergent people's experiences of outpatients in Surrey hospitals

1. Introduction



We are seeking to understand the experiences of neurodivergent people receiving care as an outpatient in Surrey hospitals and their partners. We want to understand where services are working well and when they are not, and to provide the hospitals with suggestions about what can be improved. We welcome views and experiences from all ages.

Healthwatch Surrey gathers the views of local people on health and social care services in the county. We are an independent service listening to experiences from people in Surrey and providing evidence based feedback to commissioners and providers to influence, inform and, if necessary, challenge decisions and plans. You can help to shape, improve, and change local services by sharing your feedback. Your  views can help to make changes to services in Surrey. Our work covers all areas of health and social care. .

Ten people who complete the survey before 31 May 2024 will be selected at random to receive a £20 Amazon voucher.


1. All responses to this survey are anonymous. Please tick the boxes below to indicate your consent for us to store your responses, and to share your responses in our report. If you do not want us to store or share your responses just leave the boxes blank.
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2. Are you / or the person you are answering for, a neurodivergent person?