Local Area SEND Strategy and Oxfordshire County Council System Reform for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Consultation Survey



Welcome to the Oxfordshire Local Area Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Draft Strategy 2022 – 2027 and Oxfordshire County Council System Reform for SEND Consultation Survey.

This survey offers you the opportunity to give your views on both the draft Local Area SEND Strategy (Section 1) and Oxfordshire County Council System Reform for SEND consultation document (Section 2), or you can respond only to one of these sections if you prefer.

Roadshows will be held online during the consultation, but if national and local guidelines relating to COVID-19 allow, in-person events may be considered. At these sessions, senior leaders will introduce the two SEND consultations, explain the proposals and answer any questions that you may have. To book on to an event please click here

Guidance on how to fill out the survey
We recommend that you read the document(s) you wish to respond to in advance (Local Area SEND Strategy, Oxfordshire County Council System Reform for SEND). This is because the questions will ask you to respond to the content of these documents.

To assist you, links are provided within the survey to each document where the question refers to them and the page number for that specific part of the document is also listed. There is also a glossary within the draft Local Area SEND Strategy document on pages 19 to 21.

We estimate that it will take up to around an hour to read both the draft Local Area SEND Strategy and the Oxfordshire County Council System Reform for SEND consultation document, and then complete both sections of the survey. The survey consists of mainly ‘closed’ questions, where you select from listed options, but there are also opportunities for you to leave written comments to let us know your views in greater detail.

If you need to pause while filling out the survey, you can save the answers you have given and return later to complete your response.

We would like to thank you in advance for your time in completing this important survey.

Alternative formats: 
We know that some people can’t, or find it difficult to, take part in online consultations or need things in a different format such as large print, easy read, audio, braille or a different language, to have their say.

If you, or anyone you know needs a printed copy of the survey or consultation documents in an alternative format, or help with sharing their thoughts, please email: consultations@oxfordshire.gov.uk or call Oxfordshire County Council's customer services team on 01865 792422. Please note the council's customer services team are unable to answer any detailed questions about the consultations, but they can take your details and ask an appropriate member of staff to get in touch.

This consultation will close on 10th March 2022.

Following consultation, we will consider all feedback given, and this will inform Oxfordshire County Council’s system reform for SEND, and the final Local Area SEND Strategy.  Any changes proposed in response to feedback received will be considered by sector leads prior to formal sign off by the council and the local NHS.