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3. If you attended a training session prior to the data collection exercises, how useful was the session? *


4. If you attended one of the Employer support sessions (phase 1 or phase 2) did this help you navigate the data collection process? *


5. If you used the Remedy Data Collection Employer Guidance on the Employers area of the website, how useful was it? *


6. During the data collection process, how clear did you find the communications from MyCSP? *


7. Did you feel that the communications were regular enough from MyCSP throughout the data collection process? *


8. Cabinet Office have recently announced that applications can be considered to reimburse resource costs generated by the Remedy data collection work. Are you planning to make an application for this? *


9. Overall, how easy was it to access help and support throughout the process? *


10. Is there anything else that you would like to feed back about the data collection process?